ZaoZhuang WOJIE CNC VMC Vertical machininng center

1. Introduction and use of VMC850 vertical machining center
VMC850 vertical machining center is one of the new CNC series products designed for industries that require high-efficiency machining. The overall layout is compact and reasonable, the quality and performance are stable and reliable, and the three-axis linkage of X, Y, and Z can be realized. It is widely used in aerospace, Mechanical processing in military industry, mold, automobile, internal combustion engine, textile machinery and other industries.

vmc850 (3)

2. Structure and performance characteristics of VMC850 machining center
(1)The basic parts of the machine tool are made of high-strength castings, the ultra-wide machine base is designed, and the single-column structure is equipped with a high-speed spindle to provide the best structural support and the best cutting rigidity for the machine tool.

(2) There are widening ribs and corner support plates in the bed, column, sliding seat, worktable and spindle box, and each joint surface is scraped and ground by hand to ensure the rigidity and precision of the overall structure.

(3)The X, Y, Z three-way guide rail adopts linear roller guide rail pair, with a width of 45 and a height of 38. It is manufactured by HIWIN, which greatly improves the machining accuracy and work efficiency of the machine tool. The three-way feed adopts the famous brand large-pitch, high-precision ball screw, the three-axis servo motor and the lead screw are in the form of direct connection, and the imported backlash-free elastic coupling is adopted, the transmission has no backlash, the rotational inertia is small, and the transmission rigidity is high, which ensures the The positioning accuracy of the machine tool; the lead screw support adopts a pre-stretching structure, which greatly reduces the influence of thermal deformation on the accuracy of the machine tool during long-term operation.

(4)The spindle adopts 8000rpm high-speed, high-precision spindle unit, equipped with NSK bearings imported from Japan, and automatic knife-cutting device. The spindle adopts a central air blowing structure. Before the tool change, the inner taper hole and the tool shank of the spindle are cleaned to remove the residue and ensure the high precision and rigidity of the spindle.

(5)The cooling of the machine tool adopts Stell CBK4 40/4 large-flow cooling pump, which flushes chips with high pressure and provides sufficient cooling.

(6)The machine tool lubrication adopts the centralized automatic lubrication device of the electric pump, which regularly and quantitatively automatically and intermittently lubricate the lead screw and the guide rail surface, which is stable and reliable.

(7)The X, Y, Z three-axis guide screws are all sealed and protected to ensure the cleanliness of the screws and guide rails, as well as the transmission and motion accuracy of the machine tool. The machine tool external defense adopts a fully enclosed structure design, which is safe and reliable.

(8)The standard configuration of the CNC system is the Guangshu 25i control system with complete functions, easy operation, and DNC online processing function.

(9)The tool magazine adopts the famous brand bamboo hat tool magazine. The capacity of the tool magazine is 16 knives. The tool change time is short, accurate and reliable.

3. Detailed introduction of technical parameters of VMC850 machining center
Size of worktable(length×width)mm
T slot (mm)
Max loading weight on worktable
X-Axis travel(mm)
Y-Axis travel(mm)
Z-Axis travel(mm)
Distance between spindle nose and table
Distance between spindle center and column(mm)
Spindle taper
Max. spindle speed( rpm)
Spindle motor power(Kw)
Rapid feeding speed: X,Y,Z axis m/min
16/16/16 (24/24//24 liner guidway)
Fast cutting speed m /min
Positional accuracy
±0.005 mm
Repeat positional accuracy
±0.003 mm
Auto Tool changer type
16 tools head type tool changer(optional 24 arm type auto tool changer)
Max. tool length
Max. Tool diameter
Φ80(adjacent tool)/φ150(not adjacent tool)
Max.tool weight
Tool changing time(tool-to-tool)
Air pressure
0.6 Mpa
Machine weight
Overall sizse(mm)

CNC Machining Center mainly processes plane and curved box parts. It can also be used to process parts that are difficult to process by ordinary lathes and require high precision. It can also process complex spatial curves and surfaces drawn by mathematical models, and can complete milling and boring. Processes such as cutting, drilling, tapping and thread cutting.

With the numerical control system, the vertical machining center can automatically select and change tools according to different processes, automatically set tools, automatically change the spindle speed, feed rate, etc., and can continuously complete various processes such as drilling, boring, milling, reaming, and tapping. As a result, the clamping time of the workpiece is greatly reduced; it has a good economic effect on parts with complex processing shapes, high precision requirements, and frequent variety replacement.

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