Test machine adjustment and precautions of machining center

    Test machine adjustment and precautions of cnc machining center


Test machine and adjustment
1) cleaning

a. Before shipment, all sliding surfaces and bright metal surfaces will be coated with a thin layer of anti-rust oil. Unless the machine is completely cleaned and lubricated, do not move any lubricating components, because dirt will And sand particles are easy to attach to it. To remove the rust coating, you can useWipe with a clean rag soaked in a suitable cleaning solvent. After the machine has been completely cleaned, apply an additional film of lubricating oil to all sliding and bearing surfaces.

b. When cleaning the machine, be careful not to let the solvent for removing the anti-rust oil enter the slider.

c.leaning rags should be disposed of properly after use, or discarded in designated dustbins or containers.

d. The bright part can be wiped with a rag dipped in kerosene, and the appearance can be wiped with a rag.
2) Remove the protective parts
a, Remove the transportation protection device (rope, fixed bracket and large block, etc.).

b. Combination of parts that are disassembled for transportation (such as brackets, etc.).

c. Lift the machine head with a self-made shaker to remove the fixed block between the machine head and the workbench,

d. The counterweight will be fixed with screws, please remove the screws before starting the machine (the high-speed machine has no counterweight).

e. Check the machine again to see if there are still other fixtures that have not been removed.

3) Add lubricating oil

Before the machine tool is used for the first time, the oil cup of the punching cylinder for the spindle punching must be filled with hydraulic oil. It is recommended to use ISOVG32 or equivalent oil. Exhaust the gas in the cylinder to ensure the reliability and power of the knife, so as to avoid damage to the machine tool and personnel

4) Warm up.

because warming up can stabilize the machine and ensure the normal lubrication of each part and the quality of subsequent processing. The standard warm-up method is to allow the XYZ three-axis displacement and the main shaft to rotate in the whole process. After the displacement and rotation at a slow speed, the speed and rotation speed will be gradually increased.

a. Initial level adjustment After placing the machine on the installation site (according to the floor plan and foundation map), temporarily place the machine horizontally on the 6 foundation bolt sockets according to the foundation map, and then use a level with a sensitivity of 0.02mm/m , to adjust the vertical and horizontal levels so that the final level error
Within 0.02mm/m

b. The final horizontal adjustment If the machine has not been adjusted properly, not only the accuracy of the machine will deteriorate, but also the wear of the sliding surface will be uneven. Careful investigation and occasional inspection to ensure the required level Still maintained, other adjustments are as follows:

Machine vibration
Cutting chatter
Feed amount

When the machine leaves the factory, the parallelism of the guide rails has been precisely adjusted, and non-professional maintenance personnel are not allowed to adjust it at will, so as not to damage the accuracy of the machine tool and cause damage to the machine tool or personal injury.


In order to ensure the accuracy and life of the machine tool for a long time, attention must be paid to the cleaning and lubrication of all parts of the machine tool, especially the linear slide rails in all directions of the machine tool. Although the screws are protected by telescopic guards, they should be cleaned frequently to keep the guide rails clean, and the lubrication conditions of the guide rails should be observed frequently. Discover
Deal with the blockage in real time, keep the guide rails and screws fully lubricated to avoid wear and tear, and pay attention to the oil storage in the lubricating oil tank, keep oil always! The following are the oil filling points, please check the oil level regularly.

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