Maintenance of the grinder, you need to do these well when using the grinder!

When enterprises buy grinding machines, they are very concerned about performance and price, but when the grinding machines enter the factory and start to use, they forget one important thing – “machine tool maintenance”. Speaking of this, we can make a comparison. When buying a vehicle, everyone is concerned about the safety of life, so when the vehicle arrives for maintenance, everyone will do a timely maintenance. However, while the grinder is creating benefits for the enterprise, it lacks the necessary maintenance during the maintenance cycle. In this case, the grinder is prone to more failures. Today, I have sorted out some suggestions for the maintenance of the grinder:

When the grinder is installed at the factory:

1. The bearing capacity of the factory floor and the floor space of the machine tool during operation, if the bearing capacity of the ground is not enough, it will affect the reference accuracy of the machine tool;

2. The oil selection of the hydraulic oil and lubricating oil of the grinding machine must use new oil. There are impurities in the old oil, which can easily block the smoothness of the oil pipe, which affects the running speed of the machine tool, causes the wear of the guide rail, and causes the machine tool to crawl and lose its accuracy. The hydraulic oil should use 32# or 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil, and the lubricating guide oil should use 46# guide oil. You must pay attention to the model of the grinder and prepare enough oil;

3. The power consumption of the power cord is matched. If the wire is too thin, the wire will become hot, and the load will be too heavy, causing the wire to short-circuit and trip, which will affect the factory’s electricity production;

4. When the machine tool is unloaded in place, it must be ensured that the unloading equipment has sufficient bearing capacity, and the aisle has enough space for the machine tool to move, so as not to cause the machine tool to collide and personnel safety.


When the grinder is ready to process:

1. After the grinding machine is installed in place, check whether the joints of the oil pipes, wires and water pipes are locked. When the various transmission parts of the grinding machine are powered on, please use the manual test machine to ensure that the transmission of each part is turned on;

2. Please pay attention to the rotation of the main shaft of the grinding machine, such as reverse rotation, it is easy to cause the loosening of the flange of the grinding wheel and affect the accuracy of the main shaft;

3. The matching of the grinding wheel and the processing material, the grinding wheel is just a tool processed by the machine tool, and different grinding wheels need to be replaced for different materials;

4. The balance of the grinding wheel. Now many users do not know the balance of the grinding wheel very well. Long-term use will aggravate the damage of the spindle and cause the reduction of the grinding effect.


When grinding with a grinder:

1. Check whether the workpiece is adsorbed or clamped firmly;

2. Observing the running speed of each transmission component and the feed during processing to prevent accidents;

3. When the workpiece is turned over or shifted after grinding, it is necessary to clean the magnetic disk and the adsorption surface of the workpiece, but it is strictly forbidden to use the air pressure gun to clean it. The air pressure gun can easily blow dust or water mist into the guide rail of the machine tool, causing the guide rail to wear;

4. The startup sequence is magnetic attraction, oil pressure, grinding wheel, on-off valve, water pump, and the shutdown sequence is on-off valve, water pump, oil pressure, spindle, and disk demagnetization.
Grinder routine maintenance:

1. Sort out the workbench of the grinder and the surrounding garbage before get off work, and observe the surroundings of the grinder to see if there is any oil or water leakage;

2. Check the lubrication condition of the guide rail of the grinder at a fixed point every week. If it is too large or too small, it can be adjusted according to the oil quantity adjustment indicator. Remove the grinding wheel flange and perform anti-rust treatment on the surface of the spindle nose and the inner conical surface of the flange to prevent the time from being too long. Long, the main shaft and flange are rusted;

3. Clean the cooling water tank of the grinding machine every 15-20 days, and replace the lubricating oil of the machine tool guide rails every 3-6 months. When replacing the guide rails, please clean the lubricating oil pool and the filter screen of the oil pump, and replace the hydraulic oil every 1 year. and filter cleaning;

4. If the grinder is idle for more than 2-3 days, the work surface should be cleaned and dried with anti-rust oil to prevent the surface from rusting.

Post time: Sep-17-2022