How To Use Machining Center Correctly

Machining center is a kind of efficient CNC machine tool, set oil, gas, electricity, numerical control as one, can achieve a variety of disc, plate, shell, CAM, mold and other complex parts of the workpiece clamping, can complete drilling, milling, boring, expanding, reaming, rigid tapping and other processes processing, so is the ideal equipment for high precision processing. Widely used in machining, mold manufacturing, aerospace and other fields. The use of processing centers need to master the following aspects:
  •  The Operator Needs To Be Familiar With The Structure And Working Principle Of The Machining Center
    The machining center is mainly composed of machine tool body, CNC system, automatic tool change system, fixture, etc., the operator needs to understand the function and use of each component, as well as the processing accuracy and processing range of the machining center.
  • The Operator Needs To Master The Programming Method Of The Machining Center
    Machining centers use numerical control systems for programming. Operators need to understand the programming language and programming methods of numerical control systems, and be able to write machining procedures according to parts drawings and technological requirements.
  • The Operator Needs To Choose The Process Parameters And Tool Correctly
    The processing efficiency and quality of the machining center are affected by the process parameters and tools. The operators need to select the appropriate process parameters and tools according to the requirements of parts materials, processing forms, processing accuracy and so on to ensure the processing quality and efficiency.
  • The Operator Needs To Monitor And Adjust The Process
    The machining center has the advantages of high automation, high precision and good repeatability, but it still needs the operator to monitor and adjust in the processing process to avoid deviation and failure in the processing.

How To Operate The Machining Center After Finishing The Work

 Machining center traditional machine tool processing procedures are generally roughly the same, the main difference is that the machining center is through a clamping, continuous automatic machining to complete all the cutting procedures, so the machining center after the completion of CNC machining to carry out some “afterwork”.
  • Cleaning Treatment
    Machining center after the completion of the cutting task to remove chips in time, wipe the machine, the use of machine tools and environment to maintain a clean state.
  • The Inspection And Replacement Of Accessories
    First of all, pay attention to check the oil rub plate on the guide rail, and replace it in time if wear occurs. Check the status of lubricating oil and coolant, if turbidity occurs, it should be replaced in time, and it should be added below the scale water level.
  • The Shutdown Procedure Should Be Standardized
    The power supply and the main power supply on the operation panel of the machine should be turned off in turn. In the absence of special circumstances and special requirements, the principle of first return to zero, manual, click, automatic should be followed. Machining center operation should also be first low speed, medium speed, then high speed. The running time at low and medium speed shall not be less than 2-3 minutes before the operation begins.
  • Standard Oeration
    Do not knock, correct or correct the workpiece on the chuck or the center, must confirm the workpiece and the tool clamping before the next operation. The safety and safety protection devices on the machine tools shall not be disassembled or moved arbitrarily. The most efficient processing is in fact safe processing, processing center as an efficient processing equipment shutdown operation must be reasonable specification, so as to complete the current process of maintenance, but also to prepare for the next start.

Post time: Jul-01-2023