How to choose the right gantry milling machine machining center?

                How to choose the right gantry milling machine machining center?


Now the market above all kinds of gantry milling processing brand, model too much, if we want to buy machinery, we want in so many processing machinery how to choose?

1. When we stop the gantry milling processing, first of all, we must first confirm the processing of products, and then choose the right processing of the gantry milling machine  processing center:

2. Multi-process intensive workpiece refers to the need to use many tools to stop processing on a workpiece.

3. The location of complicated workpiece such as a hole distance precision request of porous processing, the application of high positioning accuracy of the machine tool, it is easy to implement.

4 complex shape parts mold, aviation parts and other complex shape workpiece, with the help of automatic programming technology in the processing center processing of various special-shaped parts.

5 repeated consumption of the workpiece suitable for processing single piece of small batch consumption. Small batch refers to 1-100 pieces, each batch of quantity is not large, but the demand for repeated consumption. In addition, even if the workpiece has different dimensions, but is similar to the workpiece, it is easy to complete the GT process parts.

6. Box type, plate type parts in the horizontal processing center of the application of rotary table, the box parts to stop multi-surface processing, if the top surface also want a clamping processing, can choose the five-hedral processing center. Vertical machining center suitable for processing box head cylinder head, plane CAM, etc.


Post time: Jun-10-2023