CNC lathe installation and use

                                                                                        CNC lathe installation and use


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CNC lathe is an economical and practical processing machine tool with mature product structure and stable and reliable performance and quality. It combines the characteristics of general purpose and special-purpose lathes. It adopts inclined bed ball linear guide rails; the tool holder can be a single-row tool holder And double-row tool holders, and four-station and six-station electric tool holders can also be used. It is a kind of CNC machine tool with the largest domestic use and wide coverage. CNC lathes are widely used in various industries such as automobiles, petroleum, and military industries. Machining.


CNC lathes have a complete range of specifications, and can realize the inner and outer surfaces of shafts and discs, cones, arcs, threads, borings, reaming, and various turning processes such as non-circular curves. It is suitable for various types, small and medium-sized The processing of batch products can especially show its superiority for complex and high-precision parts; to meet the processing needs of different users; according to the needs of users, different CNC systems and accessories can be selected; the design fully takes into account the safety of operation , openable and closed protective doors and various safety reminder signs and other places ensure the safety of the machine.


CNC lathe features:


1. High-precision spindle unit This machine tool adopts the head of the spindle unit developed by ourselves, and the bearings adopt the first three and the rear two paired bearings, which have high speed, high rigidity, low noise, long-lasting precision, and the runout of the spindle is less than 3um.


2. The bed structure adopts high rigidity cast iron and resin sand technology. The overall structure of the bed has the characteristics of smooth chip removal, compact structure and beautiful appearance.


3. The novel servo turret of the tool holder makes the repeated tool change error as small as +/-3um, and the tool change is high-speed and accurate, which can greatly save labor time.


4. High-precision feed The full servo drive of each axis of feed adopts Yaskawa drive and motor from Japan, and adopts Taiwan Yintai linear guide rail to ensure the cost accuracy and long-term accuracy maintenance. The repeat positioning accuracy of each feed axis is <+/-3um.


5. The high-speed processing machine tool spindle has a high speed of 5000 rpm, X-axis rapid movement can reach 18 m/min, Z-axis rapid movement can reach 20 m/min, high-precision hydraulic rotary cylinder, and precision Taiwan Thousand Island chuck. Improved tough material cutting and power cutting capabilities.


6. Powerful cooling The high-power powerful cooling pump greatly improves the cutting of parts. According to customer requirements, 1-4 cooling pipes can be installed, and the cooling performance is good.


CNC lathe installation and use


1. In order to ensure the working accuracy of the machine tool, the CNC lathe with inclined guide rail should adjust the anchor bolts or shock-absorbing feet during installation to ensure the level of the machine tool without distorting the guide rail.


2. After the installation and commissioning work is completed, it is necessary to check whether the rotating parts are flexible and whether the electrical circuit is reliable, and then conduct a running test. The test time is less than 2 hours. After confirming that it is normal, it can enter the trial process.


3. The spindle bearing will have a gap after the machine tool is used for a period of time, and the user can adjust it according to the use speed. If the gap is too small, it will easily cause the bearing to heat up; if the gap is too large, it will affect the precision and surface roughness of the workpiece. The tightness of the lock nuts of the front and rear bearings of the main shaft can be adjusted, and the clearance of the bearings should be kept at 0.006mm.


4. The large and small carriages of the CNC lathe are equipped with plug irons. After a period of use, the gap between the large and small carriages can be adjusted by adjusting the plug irons. It should be flexible in operation and not affect the machining accuracy.


5. The sliding parts of the machine tool must be fully lubricated. The mechanical oil should be filled 2-4 times per shift (8 hours), and the bearing lubrication should be replaced every 300–600 hours.


6. The maintenance and cleaning of the machine tool should be done well at ordinary times.


7. Before using the machine tool, read the machine tool manual in detail.

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