Buying guide for CNC machine tools! Just reading this article is enough!

As a product of scientific and technological progress, CNC machine tools are more advanced than ordinary machine tools, and are more convenient and efficient to use, and are welcomed by everyone. Recently, many small partners have asked us how to buy a CNC machine tool, so let’s take a look at what problems we should pay attention to when purchasing a CNC machine tool?

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1. Machine function

The first step in purchasing a CNC machine tool is to look at the function of the CNC machine tool, the number of axes of the CNC machine tool, the machining accuracy, the power of the working motor, etc. These directly determine the function of the CNC machine tool and affect the processing effect. The more functions, the more needs will naturally be met, but we should choose according to the actual needs. If the functions are not needed, not only will we not be able to use them, but also our purchase cost will be increased.


2. Processing parts

The next step is to select CNC machine tools with suitable parts according to the products we need to process, which can better serve our processing needs and effectively improve production efficiency.


3. CNC system

In addition, it is necessary to carefully understand the system of CNC machine tools. The corresponding parameters and performance of different systems will be different, so we should consider the actual use and operation. Many CNC machine tool systems are very intelligent today, and they hardly need to be used. Excessive manpower is very convenient, and it is also easy to operate and handle in the later maintenance.


4. Related configuration

After we have determined the choice of CNC machine tools, we must also pay attention to the selection of related configurations, such as accessory tools for CNC machine tools. The appropriate configuration can give full play to the role of CNC machine tools, and at the same time enable our production and processing to obtain high quality and high quality. efficiency.

Finally, in addition to the selection of the CNC machine tool itself, we should also pay attention to the corresponding services provided by the manufacturer. If there are failures and problems during use, whether to provide follow-up maintenance services for guidance, these are the contents that we should comprehensively consider.

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Post time: May-07-2022